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About me

I come from a silversmith family, the first and the only son with 4 younger sister. My father had a silver studio and some people used to work for him. After school sometimes I joined his silversmith and tried to make something and this is how I learned jewelry making. After finishing my French study, I started to arrange a silver jewellery making class for tourists visiting Yogyakarta. I went to Art University to learn visual art. At the same time I also work as French speaking guide to lead French speaking tourists exploring Java, Bali & little bit of Lombok.

After Covid 19, I decided to quit my job as tourist guide. I want to spend more time in my studio and also to develop the tourism in my own village. I want to encourage young people in my village to learn our history and tradition so that they can be tour guide to introduce our village to foreign tourists.  Below you can find some activities to do during your stay in Yogyakarta


A visit to Yogyakarta won’t be complete without discovering Kotagede, the silver handicraft centre in the oldest village in the city. And why not do more than just buy silver jewellery. Make it yourself because it’s much more fun.

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Under the patient guidance of Kotagede’s silversmiths, a simple well structured course will let you experience making a piece of jewellery for yourself or a loved one. What a perfect souvenir from this charming village. You will be amazed at the results.